Why use barcoded keyrings?

Barcoded  keyrings can be given to every  member of a club or organisation. Each  keyring displays a unique barcode and number, which when read by your scanner will identify the user quickly and efficiently. The barcodes relate to your particular database and  will bring up your member’s details instantly, eliminating  the need to manually type in names, or perform computer searches.

They are used in all sorts of membership programs like gyms and sports clubs , scanned each time a club member uses your facilities. This allows you to easily log your member’s attendance and participation.

They are also great for reward and loyalty programs. The barcoded  keyring is scanned  everytime your client uses your products or services, which means you know immediately when they are due for a reward like a free coffee or free beauty treatment for example. No more messy stamps , (or worse not being able to find the stamp when needed. ) We’ve all had loyalty cards, which invariably get lost. Simply give your clients a barcoded keyring which is always on hand, and  let your computer keep a record for you.

If you’re a club owner – save time and keep efficient records.  You’re also getting great advertising with your full colour add seen whenever the keys are on view. Fantastic brand placement!

If you’re a club member No more time  wasting “signing- in”, searching for cards, or queuing. We all lead busy lives – why not save time where you can?

Who uses barcoded keyrings?

Any organisation that has a membership or loyalty programme. Gyms,  healthcare providers,  sporting clubs, childcare, leisure groups,  mobile services, dog washes, pizza delivery,  educational facilities, coffee clubs, mechanical repairers, car washes, food and retail , movie clubs, and many more. Let us know if you’re a user of barcodes not listed here.

What if I don’t have scanning equipment?

It’s not absolutely necessary as the keyrings are numbered as well, and can be entered into a register manually. Numbers can be enlarged to make them easier to see quickly. Talk to us about your requirements.

Where can I get scanning equipment?

We can refer you to the right place. We have alliances with software designers  who’ll look after you. Our Barcodes are designed to Australian standards and work with most scanning equipment. Ask for a sample to check compatibility. Numbering can start at any number and continue sequentially for the quantity ordered.

How many digits in a barcode?

Generally 5 (e.g: 00001, 00002…etc)  but you can have 3 if preferred. (eg. 001, 002… etc) We will discuss options at time of order.

What style barcodes do we use?

Most clubs and gyms use code 39, or EAN but just let us know as there are many more.

Can I pick any numbers?

Your numbers can start at any number of your choice and will continue sequentially for the quantity of keytags ordered.

Can you make coloured barcodes?

It’s possible but not recommended as scanners best read clean black and white bars.

Can I have letters in a barcode?

Yes. For example, “Let’s Get Fit” Gym have LGF before the number in their barcode. This makes the barcode unique to your club. Ask us about this when you call. It will also depend on the shape keyring you choose as to the length of the barcode.

Can I have other information on the same side as the barcode?

Generally we recommend barcodes are “stand alone”. Other information too close to a barcode can confuse the reading.  Some clients have a line of small text (eg a line of address) or a tiny image underneath it.

We can assess the possibilities when we talk to you.